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'Meegle's node settings are incredibly flexible, enabling seamless management of the product development process and direct engagement with project stakeholders.' exclaimed Hugo. 'I have to say, Meegle is truly remarkable. It goes beyond industry boundaries and can be applied to any sector, not just software development but any kind of development, without doubt.'Hugo | Head of POP MART's R&D Department

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Meegle offers a suite of powerful features that empower game developers to stay agile and responsive to the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry.With seamless collaboration and the ability to effortlessly break down the roadmap, Meegle allows game developers to orchestrate game releases and create captivating experiences without a hitch.

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LIZHI, a leading online audio platform, has accelerated its R&D efficiency by 50% through the integration of Meegle.


Unlock Creativity: How Meegle Navigates the Central Theme in Video Production for Mediastorm

Supported by Meegle, Mediastorm, the premier media start-up, achieved an impressive milestone by creating 130 highly successful videos within a span of just one year.

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