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Visualize your workflow


Node-driven workflow

Different types of work go through different processes. Complex processes could be orderly deconstructed into nodes and flows. Nodes can be connected through their input and output ports to form a workflow. Workflows represent your team's process and guide how people progress their work.

Customized workflow

Meegle adapts to the way you work. Workflows could be tailored-made for different roles, simply by adding or removing certain roles, or toggling workflow control.

Project context

Every project is unique. Each node within Meegle clearly displays essential project details, such as requirements, deliverables and responsible parties.

Fuel progress with the full picture

Various views

Meegle provides various views for you to track, organize, and prioritize tasks.


Structure information in rows and columns


Establish hierarchical relationships


Visualize work on a board and backlog


Understand what has to be done and when

Stay ahead with efficient project scheduling


Workload management

Designed to optimize team capacity and resource planning. The calendar displays team member schedules and workload, estimated by person-day (PD). Managers are able to manage capacity planning in real-time and effectively allocate resources based on team member availability.

Delay notice

Meegle's detailed delay status ensures that teams will never be left out of the loop. In addition to displaying the exact number of days, you also have the option to configure automated delay notification messages that ensure all relevant stakeholders are promptly notified.

Transform your projects with actionable insights


Metrics & reporting

In Meegle, building charts and generating reports based on real-time data has never been easier. Spot trends, identify patterns, and surface deeper insights that can guide your strategic direction.

Dashboard template

Meegle offers out-of-the-box dashboard templates with a high level of customization and flexibility. Pie, line, and bar graphs, as well as many other visualization options are right at your fingertips. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Automate your workflows

Ever find yourself overwhelmed with manual tasks? Meegle automations will propel your workflow to the next level, all without having to write any code. Simply set up triggers, conditions, and operations, so that tasks can be pushed forward automatically.
Connect your tools with MeegleMeegle provides comprehensive webhook and API interfaces. Integrate Meegle with your favorite tools to perform unique functions and extend your workflow capabilities. Synchronize tickets, issues, and pull requests to your workflows, tasks and so much more.connect_img

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