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Feature Management Template

Feature management is integral to agile development methodologies, DevOps practices, and modern software engineering approaches.
Software R&D
DevOps Practice
Software Engineering
Suitable for Teams / Roles
  • R&D department
  • Agile development team
  • Project manager
Meegle Work Items
  • Feature Management: Managing all business and technical features in customized workflows.
  • Sprint Management: Utilizing Meegle to clarify the next steps for a sprint, including adding new modules/sections and optimizing specific features and pages.
  • Version Management: A version can be released for one or multiple sprints, and a single sprint can have multiple versions. By associating versions with features and bugs, periodic deliveries to users can be achieved.
  • Bug Management: Bug management primarily records implemented product functionality bugs, etc. It can achieve bug-feature association, bug-sprint association, and manage the progress of product functionality bug fixes.
Project Hierarchy
Automation in Meegle is a powerful feature designed to enhance productivity and reduce manual labor by automating routine tasks in project management. It allows space administrators to configure specific rules that can trigger actions based on certain conditions and scenarios.
Meegle's automation revolves around three key elements:
  • Trigger: This specifies when automation should occur. For example, you can set a trigger for when a new task is created within a project.
  • Condition: These are the filtering conditions that need to be met for the action to be executed. For instance, a condition might be that a task has a certain label or is assigned to a specific team member.
  • Operation: This refers to the action that will be executed once the trigger and conditions have been met. An operation could be sending a notification, updating a task status, or creating a new task.
Examples of Automation Triggers:
Here are some scenario-based triggers that you can configure in Meegle’s automation rules:
  • Trigger when a requirement is created
  • Trigger when a task status changes to 'Done'
  • Trigger when an issue is updated with a specific tag
Explore More Functions of the Meegle Feature Management Template
  1. Action Control: Ensure efficient communication within the team through three quick operations.
Comment: read the latest comment without opening a ticket
Create and join a group: Create a group chat for related members or join the group chat and understand the context by reading chatting records.
Follow: Click the button and become a follower automatically. Followers can track feature development progress through the bot & My Workspace.
  1. Third-party Integration: