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Game Project Management Template

Manage the whole process from project initiation, art, development to testing and release.
Software R&D
Game development involves a myriad of complex and interdependent tasks that need careful coordination and tracking.
By providing the ability to tailor workflows to the unique demands of game development projects, Meegle can be very beneficial. It allows game companies to manage the complexity of their projects while maintaining agility to adapt to new requirements or changes in the industry.
Suitable for Teams / Roles
Project Manager
Team Leads
Developers and IT Professionals
Marketers and Creative Teams
Adaptation Scenarios
  • Manage the whole process from project initiation, art, development to testing and release;
  • Assist project managers in overseeing the progress of multiple parallel projects and addressing risks and other issues throughout the process.
Meegle Work Items
  1. Project
A project team can manage each game in the Project work item and bind various requirements related to the game together.
  1. Feature
The feature work item is the place where you can manage different types of requirements in customized and visualized workflows.
You can use preset workflows or create new workflows based on your usage scenarios.
(Game initiation workflow)
(Art requirement workflow)
(Game publish workflow)
  1. Task
A task, associated with Features, is the smallest unit of a game project.
You can add tasks under a node and check the task list in the Task work item.
The project's members can also quickly view and complete tasks at Home - My Work.
  1. Bug
Manage bugs from different game features, and associate them with specific versions and projects.