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Lead to Cash Template

The Lead to Cash Template focuses on the process of identifying, qualifying, and nurturing potential customers.
Business Service
Operation Management
Lead management is a subset of CRM projects, focusing specifically on the process of identifying, qualifying, and nurturing potential customers. When integrated into CRM implementation, lead management becomes a seamless part of the broader strategy to manage and enhance relationships with customers throughout their lifecycle.
Suitable for Teams / Roles
  • Sales Teams: A Lead to Cash template helps them manage customer interactions, follow-ups, and sales conversions effectively.
  • Marketing Teams: Marketing experts would use the template to quantify how their lead generation efforts contribute to final sales and revenue.
  • Customer Success Teams: This team uses the template to ensure that the customer's journey from prospect to paying client is smooth and well-documented.
  • Finance Departments: They might track the actual revenue generated and how it syncs with sales forecasts.
Meegle Work Items
  • Client Pool: The database of historical clients and customers without ongoing follow-ups.
  • Lead Management: Capturing, tracking, qualifying, and nurturing potential customers throughout their journey from initial interest to becoming paying customers.
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How do I start using this template?
  1. Client Profile
Create client profiles in the Client Pool.
  1. Lead Management
Create a new lead ticket in Leads, and select the client in the Associate Client Pool field.
Lead Qualification and Nurturing
Start the process in Meego standard lead management workflow.
The workflow will automatically display nodes that match the scenario based on the customer's different situations.
  1. Manage the entire customer acquisition and sales lifecycle
  • Record lead follow-up information
  • Manage contract repository
  • Process client's requirements
  1. Full visibility
Know every detail of every customer on one page.