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OKR Template

Provide a clear framework to help teams and individuals define goals and key results.
HR Management
Strategy Management
  • It provides a clear framework to help teams and individuals define goals and key results.
  • It ensures consistency in goal-setting and communication across the organization.
  • It focuses on the most important objectives, avoiding distractions and unnecessary resource allocation.
OKR Breakdown
Company Mission
To ensure success, it is essential to identify your company's goals before setting OKRs. Start by establishing the company's overall mission, which will provide a basis for the goals that need to be set and ensure they are in line with the company's mission.
Department Objectives
The objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound)and should also be challenging enough to stretch the team.
Personal Key Results
Breaking down objectives allows for setting measurable and quantifiable key results to track progress and quantify success. This helps individuals better understand their work objectives and responsibilities, and contributes to the company's goals.
Get Your OKR Template in Meegle
  1. Create an Objective
Click Objective from the side navigation >> Click New Objective >> Fill out the detail page
  1. Break Down Objectives Into Key Results
The Key Results tab allows the current objective to be broken down into multiple KRs to make achieving the objective easier.
  1. Start the Tracking Process
You can enter basic information, track progress, analyze influencing factors, and perform confidence tracking and weighted scoring for each KR.
Explore More Functions of the Meegle OKR Template
  1. Formula Calculation Fields
Fill in the formula calculation fields of key results, the objective progress could be generated automatically.
  1. Set Group Condition
By using multi-level grouping, the company can summarise and display the annual OKRs, allowing for a clear view of each department's goal dismantling and actual progress.
  1. Key Result Kanban
Provides an overview of all team members' key results and their progress.
  1. The KR Reporting Charts
Present a visual summary of the progress, displaying a dashboard that indicates the current status of objectives and key results for a specific timeframe. This view allows for a quick overview of progress, highlighting areas that require attention.
Why Choose Meegle?
What distinguishes Meegle's templates from other templates? What makes Meegle superior?
Meegle's Feature
Supports Flexible Configuration
Each team has its unique situation and goals, so flexible templates may be able to meet their requirements as far as possible
Measurable & Traceable
Meegle provides clear metrics or indicators, making it easier for the team to determine whether the objectives have been achieved.
All in One
In Meegle, you can track progress, conduct self-assessment, and weighted score statistics all in one template, saving time and eliminating the need for multiple templates.