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Onboarding Template

Assist HR in organizing and managing the onboarding process more efficiently and help employees settle into the work environment more quickly.
HR Management
The onboarding template assists HR in organizing and managing the onboarding process more efficiently. New hires can gain a better understanding of the company's culture and job requirements during the onboarding process. This helps them to settle into the work environment more quickly, leading to improved work efficiency and job satisfaction.
Suitable for Teams / Roles
For HR
When onboarding new employees, HR should arrange onboarding procedures, provide training, and introduce company culture, rules and regulations. Additionally, HR should arrange for new employees to meet with their immediate supervisors or colleagues to understand their work content and team situation. HR should also be available to answer any questions new employees may have about the company and their work. HR should maintain regular communication with new employees to understand their progress and adaptation.
For New Employee
New employees can easily familiarise themselves with the company's business model and organizational structure through the standardized onboarding SOP process. They can also intuitively understand their daily tasks.
For Manager
With Meegle's centralized platform for individual goal tracking and performance reviews, managers can seamlessly conduct evaluations and provide data-driven feedback conveniently. Furthermore, by leveraging Meegle's Member schedule, managers gain the ability to assess team workload saturation and proactively optimize work arrangements.
How to Start Using the Meegle Onboarding Template?
  1. Creating a New Ticket - By HR
When a new employee has been hired, HR creates an onboarding ticket in Meegle.
Automation rules are pre-configured in the template. Automation will be triggered when HR completes the first node, Pre-Onboarding, and a notification card will be sent to the new employee directing him/her to a specific ticket to fill out the information.
  1. Fill in Basic Information - By New Employees
New employees are responsible for uploading their basic information on the second node.
Once new employees have uploaded their personal information, an employee directory is automatically created. This directory assists HR in managing human resources and making decisions.
  1. Assign Onboarding Tasks - By HR
During the orientation period, the HR or manager can assign tasks to the new employee and set a deadline for completion. Press 【+ Add Task】to achieve it!
  1. Monthly Review
After one month of training, the new employee will have their first monthly review, during which their manager will evaluate their reported performance.
Explore More Functions of the Meegle Onboarding Template
  1. Classic Kanban
The Subtask Kanban feature offers an overview of all employees' subtasks, allowing users to sort or group the data as needed.
  1. Reporting & Analytics
The Human Resources Chart can assist organizations in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of their human resource management.
How does Meegle Mitigate Risks in the Onboarding Process?
Potential Risk
Risk Description
How does Meegle solve?
Inadequate Training
If new employees are not properly trained, they may make mistakes or perform tasks incorrectly.
Visualized node flow intuitively presents the progress of new employee training
Excessive Workload
New hires may experience excessive stress or a decrease in work quality if they are required to learn and perform tasks simultaneously during onboarding.
Managers can assess team workload saturation and optimize work scheduling proactively with the help of member schedules.
Hiring Mistakes
Improper assessment of a candidate's abilities and aptitude during the onboarding process can lead to hiring mistakes that may affect the efficiency of the entire team.
The Monthly Review assists managers and HR in evaluating new hires' performance and determining whether they have passed orientation.